Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet

Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer.

Explore the meaning of the Hebrew letters in Seh ha'Elohiym now.
A Celebration of the Vibrant Promise in Messiah

The Lamb measures approximately 37" high by 24" across and has a sleeve across the top for a rod. An additional sleeve provides for a weighted rod at the bottom.

The collage is constructed of dozens upon dozens of small pieces of silk, cotton and rayon blends, all stitched by hand except for the four outside seams. It was built piece by piece over a three-month period on a series of panels which were then sewn together and lightly quilted and beaded...both on the lamb and in the blue of the heavens.
Seh ha'Elohiym - Lamb of God  A Celebration of Yshua
Seh ha'Elohiym, the Awesome Lamb
The Lamb is appliqued, as is the golden ring that circles him. The letters are held in place with tulle.  Not one of the letters of the Leshon haKodesh (the Holy Tongue) was ever pierced by a needle.
The greens and reds and golds of  the cotton batik pieces represent ha'aretz, the earth and all that dwells in it. The blades of grass are lime green silk.

A closeup reveals some of the beading on the appliqued Lamb.
The Awesome Lamb Pours Out His Blood Upon ha'Aretz
Lamb Closeup of Beading
The silken heavens, ha'shamayim, are lightly beaded with Czechoslovakian glass beads and quilted. The wealth of heaven like a river of gold pours out over the Lamb.
The four panels of the back of the Lamb, quilted in olive branch designs, are a beautiful sage green color.  Some of the fabrics reflect light to such a degree that it is difficult to portray the exact colors.The center embroidery reads Y'shua--which translates "to save" or "savior".
Back of Seh ha'Elohiym - The Aswesome Lamb Fabric Collage
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"...a Christian all my life, it was not until I saw and could release the forces hidden within the Hebrew letters that I truly began to grasp the scope of God's love for us or the true nature of our Redeemer"
Ha'shamayim - The Heavens in Blue Silk and Czech Beads
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