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Ellyn Marshall-Nelson (a.k.a.) Elly Nelson. All claims exist to the effect of the originality of the work "Seh ha'Elohiym - Awesome Lamb," are true and witnesses (or notarized witness statements) to the authenticity will be provided upon request.  The work has never been out of the possession of Elly Nelson and her husband, Neal Nelson, nor owned by any other party.

1) Any and all images of the fabric collage entitled "Seh ha'Elohiym - The Awesome Lamb" are proprietary to Ellyn Marshall-Nelson and Neal Nelson.  Any use outside of viewing on this website by anyone not associated with www.awesomelamb.com without written permission constitutes copyright infringement and will be subject to lawful action against the user. This includes any downloadable presentations with images of any part or all of the fabric collage. Request for permission to use the images may be submitted to elly@awesomelamb.com  with a full description of how the images would be used.

2) This website, www.awesomelamb.com, Ellyn Marshall-Nelson and Neal Nelson, have entered into agreement(s) to advertise for sale certain products that complement the intent of the site to inform and educate regarding the Hebrew alphabet as evidenced in the Tanakh) and items and goods designed and made in Israel.  We do receive compensation from sales of products produced by other entities.
2a) Though every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content of these products where applicable, whether physical or electronic, www.awesomelamb.com, Ellyn Marshall-Nelson and Neal Nelson claim no responsibility for the accuracy of said products or for the customer service associated with any other website or entity that produces, sells or ships physical or electronic products advertised on or associated with the website, http://www.awesomelamb.com through the Awesome Store gateway/portal (http://www.awesomlamb.com/Store.store.html).

2b) Your satisfaction with any product purchased through www.awesomelamb.com is our highest priority.  We pledge to address any conflict in regard to purchase of products, whether physical or electronically delivered, in a timely fashion.
Images associated with the fabric collage, "Seh ha'Elohiym, the Awesome Lamb" are proprietary to this website
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4) Any concerns regarding delivery of products advertised on www.awesomelamb.com or payments should be directed to: admin@awesomelamb.com

5) Http://www.awesomelamb.com, Ellyn Marshall-Nelson and Neal Nelson claim absolutely no responsibility for any damage to any computer or operating system from any download from this website.  We continue to scan all downloadable products developed by the owners of the site with McAfee virus scan for your safety.

6) Continuing on this website and/or purchasing any goods through the portal, www.awesomelamb.com/Store/store.html, a.k.a., The Awesome Store, or downloading any electronic product whether free or purchased constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
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