It was spring 2006 when I realized after diligent study and pursuit that I could truly read the Torah in the language of Moses, who wrote it by God's direction, and fell in love all over again with Y'shua ha' Mashiyach, Jesus the Messiah, as He reveals Himself on page after page.  Things hidden from our eyes in the blurry view given us by our language muddied with abstracts from our linguistic heritage are as clear as the sounding of the shofar.

The fabrics had come to me in the previous autumn--exquisite silks in iridescent hues of blue and purple and a cotton batik that spoke of earth and living things.  More silks in small swatches, greens and reds and corals were waiting for me in a small shop in Willmar.  Some gold rayon remained from the crane, waiting for who knew what?  And on a cold Minnesota January day, I began to cut them all into random pieces, tiny and large, and asked, "What is it to be?"
Some dozen or so years ago, when the LORD began to move mightily in our hearts and our lives, filling us with a hunger to know Him that could not be quenched but by His word and His work, my husband had wondered aloud one day what plan the Lord had for our lives.  Stirred by some deep revelation, I responded, "Sweetheart, He has no set-in-stone plan for our lives.  He creates us anew each day and fills us with His purpose.  We are His plan."

I believe with my whole heart that if you have read this far - you, too, are His plan. Do help us to know what teachings you yearn for.  Click here to let us know.

Do you want to know the pictures in the letters that make up the Hebrew word for lamb?  They are a shin (sheen) and a hey.  Click here, You'll learn about the letters and more.

Shalom aleikhem
Learning the Hidden Pictures in the Hebrew Letters Can Bring Some Huge Surprises and Explode Our Understanding of The Word

A little more two years a year ago, I had a question about a passage in Genesis.  The English translation I had so often read just didn't sound quite right anymore. It was less the words than the tone that bothered me.  I read the Hebrew and said, "Whoa!" Then I read the Hebrew word for word to Neal and asked if he didn't hear something quite different.  He agreed.  Together, we found a Rabbi and after explaining having learned the Hebrew not by rote, but by learning the meaning of every Hebrew letter, I asked about the passage. 

I cannot tell you his amazement that we had discerned the subtle difference that had opened our eyes to a God so loving, so eager to pour out His blessing that it nearly escapes words.  It had been before us all along, but we could not see it.   A curious lacking in translation has robbed us all of the fullness of His word, and has robbed God of the wide-eyed wonder of His children as He reveals Himself to us.

This is where I long to take you.  Letter by letter I will show you the fullness you have craved - the shalom that passes all understanding.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  The answer to the query initiated so long ago on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino is right in the Bible you have near you.  It is the standard that is set for all prayers and blessings. 

You'll find it at Numbers 6, beginning at verse 22.

And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying:
Speak to Aaron and his sons: Thus shall you bless the people of Israel.  Say to them:
The LORD bless you and protect you!
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you!
The LORD bestow His favor upon you and grant you peace!

Thus shall they link My name with the people of Israel, and I will bless them.
Learning Hebrew Changes Everything, and the Awesome Lamb Emerges
Elly Nelson
"...a Christian all my life, it was not until I saw and could release the forces hidden within the Hebrew letters that I truly began to grasp the scope of God's love for us or the true nature of our Redeemer"
Victorious Lamb of God
How odd this was.  Always the picture I would create had come into my mind fully formed, just waiting to be executed in pencil, oil, acrylic, or water color and then, in recent years, fabric.  Now, though, the fabrics were in my hands, and there was no clear vision of what they were to become.  Assembly waited until the day I clearly saw the Hebrew words that would be "written" upon it.  Seh ha'elohiym-God's Lamb.

It is what it is... the Awesome Lamb: The precious, perfect Lamb of God pouring Himself out upon ha'eretz, the earth and all the life it contains, cleansing it, taking upon Himself the wages of sin and redeeming all unto the Father, out of Whose desire all things are created.

Muslin panels became the backdrop for 24 segments. Each small piece was sewn to a panel by hand, and the next piece to its neighbor. Finally, the panels were sewn together.  It is truly sumbibatso! 
The lamb himself is appliquéd and every Czechoslovakian glass bead affixed securely, whether it represents the blood that pours out from the wounded, but victorious Lamb, or the twinkling of a jewel-like star in the blue silk heavens.  It was assembled and lightly quilted with oft-pricked fingers over a period of three months.

The letters are formed from stiffened silk and held in place by black tulle. It would be improper to pierce the fabric of the letters of Leshon haKodesh, the Holy tongue. 

The back has the name Y'shua embroidered.  You recall, I'm sure, how it is written in Matthew's gospel that an angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream and said that he should call the child Jesus - because he would be the forgiver of sins.  The reasoning for this escapes us in English, but this Hebrew word, Y'shua, means "to save or deliver". Each of the four panels is quilted in an olive branch pattern.

“The Lamb” was completed…but it was about to take on a task that will, by all evidence, never be finished as long as haShem, bless His holy name, gives me breath.

The Awesome Lamb Takes Center Stage

The last stitch was completed. It would seem the end of it, wouldn't it?  Yet, that is hardly the case.  That same spring of 2007, I began to have calls to teach the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith in churches and amidst church groups, and the Awesome Lamb has accompanied me to illustrate the scope of the meaning in the Hebrew letters that make up the name. 

Every Hebrew letter is a picture.  As the letters come together in words, each carries its picture with it, building an understanding of God's word that explodes understanding and births a faith worthy of The Lamb.

The journey has not ended, but rather, it has just begun as I bring the fullness of the language of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and our Lord, Y'shua, to congregations across the country and to these pages on a continuing basis.
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The Fabrics of
Through the Year with Torah
"He has no set-in-stone plan for our lives.  He creates us anew each day and fills us with His purpose.  We are His plan."
Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet

Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer.

Explore the meaning of the Hebrew letters in Seh ha'Elohiym now.
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Joy of Torah Fine Art Reproduction
Every year, when the reading of the Torah comes to a conclusion, Jews across the globe celebrate the end of the reading cycle and the beginning of the new one in a holiday called "the Joy of Torah".
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Did you know that the shape of all 22 letters
of the Hebrew Alephbet
can be discerned in the Star of David?
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