Artist and Speaker Elly Nelson
Seh ha'Elohiym -The Awesome Lamb.  It is the title of a celebration of the ultimate gift of sacrifice rendered by hand in extraordinary silks, rayon and batik.  Except for the four seams on the outer edges, done by machine because of the thickness of the layers, every stitch was lovingly sewn by the same hands writing this.
It has a story, of course. And because you are here, then you are who I think you are. You know the Lamb Who is the Savior of all mankind. You know that from that day in the garden when the first exquisite man and woman rebelled against ha'Shem, bless His holy name, that it is only the poured out blood of a perfect lamb that can atone for sin.

But the story of how this lamb came to be and why His Name is rendered in Hebrew, Seh ha'elohiym, and in English, Lamb of God, is inexorably tied to another story.
Meet the Artist...Elly Nelson, Teacher of the Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith and Speaker
Both stories are here, one journey stitched firmly into the fabric of another. To tell the one without the other is quite impossible, but both are predicated upon the unique gifts given by God to search Him out; gifts that regrettably, I did not even recognize until more than half a lifetime had passed. I write this in the hope that you will not be blind to the gifts you have been given as I was, and that you will not fail to use them to honor the Lord, as I did.

Four gifts (at least) I was given from childhood.  Not in any particular order, these gifts were: a passion for words that eventually led to my study of etymology, sewing, a gift to paint, which I explored in oil and acrylic, pastel and watercolor, and a burning desire to know God more intimately than my church could provide and my understanding would allow.

Another gift was given along the way--the ability to speak effectively before groups large and small. However much I did not see it, all of these ingredients were being mixed together like the pieces of a quilt to lead to one perfect destination.

Over the Hill and at a Loss for Words
About midway between birth and over-the-hill, I reveled in teaching the Latin, Greek and Indo-European roots, suffixes and prefixes to avid students.  Okay, avid may be too strong a word.  But, truth be told, I knew in my heart of hearts that in tracing words back to Greek, Latin and Indo-European cognates I was not seeing the whole picture of the meanings of words.  Our English language is as complex a mixture of other languages as we are ourselves admixtures of nationalities and cultures and colors and tongues.  There was a gaping hole of words that could not be traced back to any of these, but seemed to spring up out of nowhere a thousand or two thousand years ago.   One of those words is “lamb”.
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"...a Christian all my life, it was not until I saw and could release the forces hidden within the Hebrew letters that I truly began to grasp the scope of God's love for us or the true nature of our Redeemer"
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