Shalom, and Welcome to the Friends of Awesome Lamb
We have referred to Mezuzah 101 throughout and The Awesome Store as "a Primer for Christians and Others Who Have Missed the Boat on This Incalculable Blessing".

At the request of other visitors, we have made it the first of the teachings to have a downloadable package.

The file is called   You will need a zip utility like WinZip in order to unpack it, unless you run Windows XP.  With Windows XP, you can simply right click and extract the file.

Inside, you'll find three files:
1) "Read Me First" will open with any text program -- easiest would be to right-click it and open with Notepad

2) mez101.pdf is the entire page in pdf format.  You will need Acrobat Reader to read it.
Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
3) third, is an audio file called 101.MP3  We created and included the twenty-minute recording so those unfamiliar with the sound of Hebrew would have an edge -- besides, it gives us chance to rejoice in blessing the Lord aloud!  You can open the pdf file and play the MP3 as you read along.
Only the Friends of Awesome Lamb receive the PDF of Mezuzah 101 and the MP3 audio of every teaching we add and previews of new teachings before they are posted. 

So sign up now and receive your download link for
Mezuzah 101 and future teachings (including The Mysteries of Hidden Meanings in the Hebrew Letters).

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