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Oh, the power to live life to the fullest measure God has given us in His word, bless His holy name!

It is our joy to bring the awareness of the fullness of the scriptures we think we are familiar with to the men and women of God and watch them as their eyes widen in surprise and delight as they see our Father as never before.  Abram's encounter with a king named Melchizedek becomes new when we see the king's name is really Melkhi-tzedek (rightful king of Shalem), the whole event is enlarged to accommodate our greater understanding .

When a ram appears with his horns entangled in the brush at the very moment Abraham was to sacrifice his son at God's command--have you ever asked:  why a ram, when sacrifice is usually a perfect lamb?  The answer and a glimpse into God's sense of humor lies in the Hebrew word for ram.   The choice of a ram would not have been lost on Abraham or Isaac, whose very name means laughter that the impossible is made possible.

One of my favorite teachings is about El Shaddai.  I take the words of the song made famous by Amy Grant and stroll through Genesis 17: 1-7 where He is revealed. And how the English words of the song substantiate and underscore the very things that delight the Lord.

In the Aleph alone, dwells a picture of God's love for His creation and what we are to do in partnership with Him to usher in His Kingdom.

Please email us at the address below so we can arrange for you to receive an audio file or downloadable teaching. I look forward to the wide-eyed wonder of the children of God in congregations as they see the foundation established by our Lord, Y'shua's teachings explode with new understanding.  To see the components of the word He used to call us to Himself-- "faith"-- as He would have spoken it--"emunah"--causes everyone to rise up and cheer once they see the essence of the word in its Hebrew letters.

We look forward to hearing from you--and even more to sharing Aleph-Tav.

Do write, call or email.    B'virkat shalom - Blessings for peace

Elly and Neal Nelson
838A College Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Let us know if you would like for us to speak in your church.  Elly longs to bring the lessons of

Seh ha'Elohiym",

as well as

Who is this El Shaddai?",

Aleph, God's Love and God's Plan Revealed in a Single Hebrew Letter",


Halakah--the Walk of Faith"

...to churches and Sunday school groups cross-denominationally from coast to coast.
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