Birds of Pray
Our Faith-Building Tools will ship from the US  and you can shop for them right here at the Awesome Store.  Many of these tools are produced in Israel or by Israeli scholars and artists, but our source makes it easy for us to bring these hard-to-find, but dynamic Bible Learning Tools to you with the ease of shopping at Amazon.
This extraordinary translation in a CD library will connect you with the events and the setting of the B'rit Chadasha (renewed Covenant) with a clarity and simplicity you'll find in no other translation.
Let the Bible come to life as never before - Mysteries in the Hebrew Alphabet unfold before your very eyes - Discover Gifts by Israel's Finest Artists and Craftsmen - Exquisite Opal and Sterling Judaic Jewelry - Menorahs - Tallits and Prayer Shawls of Pure Silk - Anointing Oils and Perfumes in Alabaster Jars bring home the Scents of the Holyland.
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Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet
Imagine being able to read the entire Bible in the Language in which it was written, even if you don't know the Hebrew or Greek Letters!

Now, you can with these dynamic transliterated Bibles on CD-Rom
Discover the possibilities!

Brand New Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition course  and  Transliterated Greek/English - Hebrew/English New Testament - Amazing Tools!!
The Deepest Link Between Christianity and Its Jewish Origin -- Revealed and Reconnected!
Hand-woven Tallits of 100% Raw Silk
Exquisite Opal & Sterling Pendants
Celebrate Hanukkah With Outstanding Menorot (Menorahs)
Mezorot Cases & Scrolls
Luscious Chiffon Head Scarves
Embroidered Silk Wall Hangings by Yair Emanuel
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...And so much more
Every year, when the reading of the Torah comes to a conclusion, Jews across the globe celebrate the end of the reading cycle and the beginning of the new one in a holiday called "the Joy of Torah"
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The Scent of Jerusalem in Oils & Perfumes
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Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer..
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Bible Learning, Hebraic Roots, and Faith BuildingTools
Ever wish that you could send a special gift to a friend or relative suffering in body or spirit-just to let them know that you are praying for them? Now, you can.    
Introducing Fabulous silk "Birds of Pray", hand-crafted by Elly Nelson, creator of the fabric collage, Seh ha'Elohiym
Mysteries in the
Hebrew Alephbet

The Entire Bible in Hebrew and English - Transliterated

Jewish New Testament

"Joy of Torah"  Fine Art Reproduction

Birds of Pray
Men's Tallits and Sets

Ladies Tallits and Sets

Exquisite Head Scarves



Exquisite Christian and Judaic Jewelry Made in Israel

The Scents of the Holyland in Perfumes

Anointing Oils as Fresh as a Galilee Morning

Fabulous Silk Wall Hangings
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