Scents of the Bible Lilly of the Valley Perfume
Scents of the Bible Rose of Sharon Perfume
Scents of the Bible Essence of Masada Perfume
Scents of the Bible  Queen of Sheba Perfume
Ein Gedi Dead Sea Black Mud Soap
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These Israeli-made perfumes are based on combinations of flower and plant essences mentioned in the Bible and characteristic of the scents of the Holy Land. Even the bottles were inspired by ancient perfume bottles found at archaeological sites.
Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
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Ein Gedi Olive Oil Soap Scented with Lavender - Made in Israel
Be transported with Scents of the Bible
Translation from JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh
While the king was on his couch, my nard gave forth its fragrance
King Solomon for Men
Eau de Toilette with a fresh, spicy scent

Size: 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Lion of Judah for Men
Eau de Toilette  for men

Size: 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
King Solomon Scent for Men
Lion of Judah Scent for Men
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Enter Our Holyland Connection Here
Scents of the Bible for Ladies
Lily of the Valley
Queen of Sheba
Essence of Masada
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Ein Gedi Dead Sea Black Mud Soap
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Ein Gedi Olive Oil Soap Scented with Pomegranate - Made in Israel
We Stand With Israel
Israeli-made Essence of Ein Gedi perfume represents a time-honored and celebrated tradition of producing perfumes in ha'aretz,
the  land of the Bible.
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With bottles inspired by ancient perfume bottles found at archeological sites, each of these perfumes is based on combinations of flower and plant essences mentioned in the Bible and embraces the spirit of the Holy Land.  The .  You'll prize the bottle long after the perfume has been used up.
Words from the Bible, “A lily of the valleys. As a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters” inspired Ein Gedi to produce this fragrance – an extract from the flowers and plants of Israel. The flowering time of the lily is short but it has been captured here and will give you year-long delight, a timeless reminder of the Holy Land.
Take a deep breath and inhale this fragrant Biblical perfume, coming to you straight from Israel, land of the Bible. The delicate rose scent is the result of a unique process that extracts essences from Holy Land flowers and plants.

The “Rose of Sharon” evokes the legendary beauty of the roses growing in the valley of Sharon in Biblical times. “I am a rose of Sharon, a rose of the valleys," movingly declares Song of Songs.

The name “Queen of Sheba” evokes memories of this mysterious Oriental queen, reputed to hail from Ethiopia or Yemen. Laden with treasures of gold and fragrant spices, she came to ancient Jerusalem to test the wisdom of King Solomon.  Her memory remains, lingering in an exotic perfume that is “fit for a queen!”
The martyrs of Masada represent courage, strength and total commitment. In the ancient fortress of the Holy Land, they took their lives rather than submit to Roman oppression. Their spirit and vision has been perpetuated in this perfume. The scent is captivating – produced from a unique blend of Holy Land flower and tree essences.
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Size: 30 ml - 1 oz.
Transport me to the Holy Land
I want this Lily of the Valleys Perfume
Size: 30 ml - 1 oz.
Transport me to the Holy Land
I want this Queen of Sheba Perfume
Rose of Sharon
Size: 30 ml - 1 oz.
Transport me to the Holy Land
I want this Essence of Masada Perfume
Size: 30 ml - 1 oz.
Transport me to the Holy Land
I want this Rose of Sharon Perfume
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