Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet

Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Replica with English Translation
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How Exciting is this!!
A museum-quality replica of one of the most important archeological treasures ever found in the Holy Land
You will receive a Jar based on original artifacts found at Qumran, a Replica of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and a Booklet with the history of the scrolls - in English.
Replica Size: 4" X 7.9" / 10.5 X 20 cm
Diameter: 2.5" / 6.5 cm Weight: 0.794 lbs / 360 gr

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a small explanation of its historical background in English and Hebrew.
Never before has a literary treasure of such magnitude come to light, for the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls represents a turning point in the study of the history of the Jewish people in ancient times. How grateful we are for these remarkable finds that have broadened our knowledge of Jewish society in the Land of Israel during the Hellenistic and Roman periods as well as to reveal the origins of rabbinical Judaism and early Christianity.  We have all been greatly enriched.
The Israel Museum in Jerusalem houses the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Archeology wing in The Shrine of the Book.  You can visit them here, and take a virtual tour.
A Mere Fragment of The Great Isaiah Scroll - See more at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem here.
Click here for a close-up
The Dead Sea Scrolls were comprised of Biblical as well as sectarian texts.
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Scent of Jerusalem Anointing Oil Enriched with Spikenard
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