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Did you know that the shape of all 22 letters of the Hebrew Alephbet can be discerned in the Star of David?   Is it any wonder then that his enemies quaked at the sight of the shield bearing the star, for all the force of Lashon ha'Kodesh (the Holy tongue), through which God spoke all things into existence was both raised against them and simultaneously shielded the armies of Israel.  See the mystery unfold. Show me!
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Increasingly, Christians around the world are forming a closer and closer relationship to Y’shua (Jesus), and the people of Israel through a deeper understanding of the symbols of the Jewish faith and resonant traditions that were part of His world and beliefs whose roots we share.  Perhaps the most recognizable among these are the magen David (Star of David), the menorah, the mezuzah, the prayer shawl and the shofar. and the
Awesome Store are delighted to offer excellent selections of each, as well as other items that not only reflect belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but also serve to ignite a passion to understand and live the Word of God  through increased knowledge even as we strengthen our connection to the Jewish people.
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“Let your heart be in touch with Israel”
Outstandingly lovely Chiffon Scarves with Embossed Symbols of Faith
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Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
Unlock the Supernatural Forces in the Hebrew Alphabet

Supernatural Powers lie waiting for us in the Hebrew Alphabet -- waiting to unfold the mysteries of Messiah, the mysteries of answered prayer.

Check out the powerful learning tools here in the Awesome Store.
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Both Brilliantly Colored and Pastel Chiffon Prayer Scarves  Don't Miss Seeing Them
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Hebrew Alephbet

The Entire Bible in Hebrew and English - Transliterated

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Birds of Pray
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