In every Hebrew word where aleph is present, it brings with it this sense of meaning. You can find out more about these meanings as we add the teachings to the area of this website called "Mysteries of the Hebrew Alephbet"...visit - What the Letters Mean for a broader description of how supernatural forces inhabit Hebrew letters...or watch this short video presentation:  Seh ha'Elohiym, the Awesome Lamb

But for now...

There are truths in the Bible that we simply miss in translations.  Without seeing the Hebrew itself, it's impossible to know what we're missing and we end up cheating ourselves of the fullness of the majesty and power of God.  We miss too, the rich reward of understanding the power of intimacy with Him through the Hebrew letters, the knowledge of which will, in turn, empower us to live our lives to our maximum potential.

Here's an example:
In the very first line of Genesis we read in our translations:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
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Now, even those who can't read Hebrew Letters can read the bible in Hebrew!
Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters!
Why might it be important to be able to read and speak the words of the Bible...the Word of Hebrew?

Hebrew is a language like no other. It is the language through which all that is, was spoken into existence.  It is, therefore, Lashon ha'Kodesh, the Holy Tongue.
Every Hebrew letter has in its origin a picture - a picture that tells a story.  For instance, the first letter of the Hebrew alephbet is aleph. The pre-Canaanite symbol or glyph was the picture of the head of an ox.  If you ask yourself,  "What is the nature of an ox?", the pictures or ideas that come to mind would undoubtedly include great strength, enduring strength, and even tireless work. 

Because it is the picture of the head of the ox that is depicted, the idea of strength of mind or intellect becomes part of the picture in the aleph.
Ancient Form of the Letter Aleph
Every Hebrew Letter is Far More Than Just a Symbol Representing a Sound.  Each Letter Carries Within Itself a Picture Overflowing With Meaning
The ancient glyph on the left is the image of the head of an ox. The modern letter is on the right
Now see the very same line from the Transliterated Bible, where you can not only see the Hebrew but and actually read the words.
Genesis 1:1 Transliterated
The Hebrew is phonetically spelled out in English, separated by syllables!
Can you pick out the alephs?  Notice the fourth word from the right.  It's just two letters -- the first letter of the Hebrew alephbet, aleph; and the last letter of the Hebrew alephbet, tav.

If you watched the video, you already have a hint at the picture in the tav, but these two letters combined here in the Hebrew word, et, are never translated.  Yet, you see them with your own eyes, aleph and tav, the first and the last of all the letters through which all things were created.

We'll be adding a full presentation of this very first verse of the Bible to our "Mysteries" section shortly.  Then, you will not only be able to read the Bible in Lashon ha'Kodesh, but explore the depths of the meaning in God's Word as never before.

It is written in Deuteronomy 4:29
Now You Can Explore the Depth of Meaning in God's Word as Never Before With the Transliterated Bibles
But if you search there for the Lord your God, you will find Him, if only you seek Him with all your heart and soul...
Both Seeking and Finding Him
Just Got a Whole Lot Easier
Click on the tan image of the Hebrew/English Transliterated Bible (OT) and the green image of the Transliterated New Testament to Learn More About the Explosive Understanding of God's Word That Comes With These Dynamic Tools That We've Found for You
View a Short Presentation
Image of Seh ha'Elohiym - The Awesome Lamb
And if you missed the link in  to learn more about Hebrew Letters -- It's not too late to check it out.  Here's the link  What the Letters Mean.
July, 2011
Author and Teacher
Hebrew /English Transliterated New Testament
Hebrew/English Transliterated Bible (Tanakh - OT)
Hebrew/English Transliterated New Testament
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Grafted In Symbol
Symbol believed to have been used by worshippers in the 1st Century Church in Jerusalem;
a menorah, a magen David and a fish
that the shape of all 22 letters of the Hebrew Alephbet can be discerned in the Star of David?   Is it any wonder then that his enemies quaked at the sight of the shield bearing the star, for all the force of Lashon ha'Kodesh (the Holy tongue), through which God spoke all things into existence was both raised against them and simultaneously shielded the armies of Israel.  See the mystery unfold. Show me!
Hebrew/English Transliterated Tanakh
Grafted In Symbol
Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
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