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Grafted In Symbol
Symbol believed to have been used by worshippers in the 1st Century Church in Jerusalem;
a menorah, a magen David and a fish
Renowned Israeli artist, Bat-Zvi, has captured the joy of fervor for the Word of God and the anticipation of a deeper understanding awaiting us in the next year of intense and joyful study of His Word in this depiction of the celebration by the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Her wall-size Fabric Tapestry is translated to this fine art poster on heavy glossy paper for each of us to relate to, even as we experience the joy of discovery in each new reading of Torah.

This is a full-color, Fine Art reproduction of the original Fabric Tapestry ready to be framed and displayed in your home or office.

We warn you though…it is impossible to see it and not have joy kindled in your heart. The gift of gladness is surely one of the greatest benefits the LORD has given us. 

What a wonderful gift this would make for someone in your life, Jew or Gentile believer, who loves and rejoices in the Word of God.

Every year, when the reading of the Torah comes to a conclusion, Jews across the globe celebrate the end of the reading cycle and the beginning of the new one in a holiday called "the Joy of Torah".
Among the best-known artwork of Bat-Zvi, this magnificent reproduction
measures: 25" x 16"  (63.5 cm  x 40.6 cm)

Just $19.95 + $7 shipping  (US)
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