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Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition
Learn Biblical Hebrew in your own home, at your own pace and with amazing proficiency.
At last... An all-encompassing tutorial that includes everything you need to master reading, writing, analyzing, and FINALLY UNDERSTANDING Biblical Hebrew in 42 detailed and highly illustrated lessons. 

Biblical Hebrew  Home Study Edition is packed with a wealth of intriguing info. Who, but author and educator, Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, could deliver such an amazing tool, giving us Biblical demonstrations of each grammar rule coupled with colorful and beautiful charts and tables.
Now, you have access to these study tools:
Comprehensive grammar teachings of every rule of Biblical Hebrew
The entire Hebrew text narrated on Audio CD
Eye popping color tables and charts
New methodology that goes from Bible text to rules instead of the old fashioned, painful system that focuses on dry abstract rules....(like you find in courses costing hundreds of dollars).
See for yourself why we consider this  the world's easiest to use tutorial for English speaking people striving to learn the Book of Books in the language through which it was created.
Alphabet Review - Sample
Click to see a sample
Biblical Experience - Verbs - Sample
The Seven Hebrew Verbs
The Formative Letters
Click to see a sample
Click to see a sample
Click to see a sample
Click to see a sample
Table of Contents - Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition
In our opinion, beyond the simplicity and directness of the teaching in the Biblical Hebrew  Home Study Edition, the fact that actual Biblical scripture is used to illustrate and teach the lessons makes this course rise head and shoulders above courses costing hundreds of dollars.  We want to learn Biblical Hebrew, so why should lessons be taught in some abstract sentence like  See the dog run or My aunt's pen is on my uncle's desk.  If you truly want to learn Biblical will be immersed in Scripture from the start with this remarkable course -- An audio supported self-study tutorial with vowels on every Hebrew word, astounding color charts, and Scriptural examples for every grammar rule!
One more reason that we love to offer Dr. Danny's products at is because he consistently over-delivers.  Just see what is included with your Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition:
Just in case you are starting from square one in learning Hebrew, or just need to tune up your skills, you will also receive a vibrant, full color, complete, updated and extended edition of the Living Israeli Hebrew book -- now, with 14 additional essential pages that go far beyond the older B&W edition, a 10-year best seller..
this new edition is updated and printed in full color
In just a few short hours you'll be up and running, reading and writing Hebrew.  Clear and straightforward, this workbook has been specially created for English speakers with absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew.
Now also includes the most important Hebrew prayers
THE 100 MOST FREQUENT WORDS IN THE BIBLE, translated and transliterate (with phonetic text - Hebrew words spelled with English characters)
Two full length audio CDs closely following the Hebrew texts of both books.
Hebrew / English two-sided flash cards for both the alphabet and the Hebrew sound system.
Click  here for a Sample
So.....what would you expect to pay for this audio-supported extraordinary two-book set?  With your Brand New Biblical Hebrew  Home Study Edition and your Fully Updated Living Israeli Hebrew, you will cutting edge tools -- like direct Biblical references for all rules. These are tools that you can't find in even the expensive courses -- so now, you can learn Biblical Hebrew in your own home, at your own pace and with ease.

It should be worth at least $80, right?  Well, that will be the price at some time in the near future....and it would be a bargain.

But the publisher wanted us to offer this incomparable Biblical Hebrew course at only $59.95 -- an introductory price that will make the course easily available to anyone seeking to learn Biblical Hebrew in a home study course.

But then....I chatted with Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi a few days ago and he fairly knocked my socks off.  He said, "Elly, I want you to price the Biblical Hebrew Course at $49.95." 

"For how long?" I asked him.   He replied, "I haven't decided."

So, here you are with the unheard of opportunity to learn Biblical Hebrew from the Leader in Biblical Tutoring for just $49.95 plus $6.50 s&h (US only).

My two cents worth?  Jump on it with both feet.  Just click the PayPal button below.
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Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition
Author and Teacher
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