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We've teamed up with sources in Israel where you can find the finest gifts, menorahs, mezuzot cases and scrolls, jewelry, Messianic artistry and objects for your home by Israeli artists like Yair Emanuel - and have them shipped directly from Israel.
In a shop in the streets of Old Joppa near modern Tel Aviv, the Gabrieli family hand-weaves the most exquisite tallits of raw silk for both men and women. Many incorporate painting on silk.   As you cover your head before the Lord and enter into your "prayer closet", you will surely experience oneness with all those who have prayed to the One Who Hears for century upon century - even as Abraham and Sarah did.
"Mysteries of the Bible Unfold - Explore the Roots of Your Christian Faith - and Shop the artists of Israel here at the Awesome Store"
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Bright, Cheerful and Fabulous - Silk Wall Hangings Will Bless All Who Enter Your Home
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B'virkat shalom...With Blessings of Peace
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Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim
The Frangrances of the Bible in Delicate Scents for Both Men and Women from Scents of the Bible and Ein Gedi
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Hebrew Alephbet

The Entire Bible in Hebrew and English - Transliterated

Jewish New Testament

"Joy of Torah"  Fine Art Reproduction

Birds of Pray
Men's Tallits and Sets

Ladies Tallits and Sets

Exquisite Head Scarves



Exquisite Christian and Judaic Jewelry Made in Israel

The Scents of the Holyland in Perfumes

Anointing Oils as Fresh as a Galilee Morning

Fabulous Silk Wall Hangings
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Gold and Silver Shema Pendant image
Premier quality 14 karat gold and 925 sterling silver are combined to form this unique Gold and Silver Pendant with a delightful hidden surprise.
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A Collection of Joy-Filled Chanukah Menorahs
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From delicate dove to Stars of David -- Fabulous Opal and Sterling Silver Jewelry
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Exquisite Hand-Woven Tallit Sets for Men:  100% Raw Silk, Cotton, Wool and Blends
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Equally, if not Even More Exquisite Tallit/Prayer Shawl Sets for Women: Hand-Woven of 100% Raw Silk, Cotton, and Blends
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Luscious Chiffon Scarves in a Veritable Rainbow of Colors With Gold and Silver Symbols of Faith
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Anointing Oils from the City of G-d - Purest Oils from Trees in Galillee and Around Jerusalem
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Mezuzot (plural of Mezuzah) - For the Blessing of Every Home
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Dead Sea Scrols Replica image
Don't Miss Taking a Peek at This Museum-Quality Replica of The Dead Sea Scrolls
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